A forum for a holistic analysis of poverty, famine and starvation, their theoretical understanding and policy underpinnings. Focal point for studying Policy framework for Financing Relief. A catalyst for inter-agency collaboration in the monitoring of natural calamities and man-made disasters with special focus on their impact on weaker sections of society. Hub for dissemination of knowledge and training of Relief Administrators & Focal point for advising interested agencies in India and abroad for more effective policies on Relief.


The centre for the Study of Administration of Relief (CSAR) is a civil society organization which specialises in studying different types of flash-points in society stemming from Food insecurity in its extreme forms; alienation from the mainstream of society due to joblessness; homelessness or refugee status; marginalization resulting from market shock and spiralling indebtedness; inequality arising out of poverty, low level of education and inadequate political voice; natural calamities and man-made disasters leading to death serious injury of earning members, loss of productive assets and allied negative consequences; as well as exclusion emerging from ostracization based on caste, race, religion, color or gender.