The key focus of the Centre for the Study of Administration of Relief are the critical flash-points which cause extreme suffering and therefore necessitate urgent relief. Some important flash-points are Listed below :

  • Food Insecurity in its extreme forms.
  • Alienation due to exclusion from the mainstream of society due to joblessness, homelessness or refugee status consequent to external/civil wars.
  • Marginalization due to loss of livelihoods consequent to Market shock, technological shift and spiralling indebtednessprivation
  • Inequality arising out of extreme poverty, lack of education, recurrent episodes of illness and inadequate political voice.
  • Natural Calamities like tsunami, cyclones, tornados or earthquakes and man-made disasters like the Bhopal Gas tragedy or leak at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant leading to loss of life, loss of productive assets, growing indebtedness and allied negative consequences. .
  • Exclusion emerging from ostracization based on Caste, Race, Religion, Color or Gender. .

The spotlight is focussed on the fact that the first letter of each of the above mentioned critical flash-points constitute the acronym “famine” which is the most extreme form of food insecurity. The centre analyses the causes and consequences of all these flash –points with a view to developing anticipatory Mitigation, Mock-preparedness and Met Early Warning (m3) capabilities as well as designing effective Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation(R3) responses. These anticipatory M3 capabilities and effective R3 responses can together be synergises and synchronised into an Integrated calamity cycle Disaster Management system (ICDMS) which is both economically viable and operationally efficacious in speedily alleviating human suffering. For different types of flash points, different types of Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation efforts are required. The CSAR studies both the causes and consequences of these different flashpoints as well as the different types of Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations that are necessitated for alleviating human suffering.

Over a period of more than two decades, the CSAR has developed a fine partnership with “Famine and Society, ”Working Group (O5) of the International Sociological Association in designing efficacious National Calamity cause Disaster Management responses to different types of flash-points.

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